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Hi, glad to see you stopped by.  From this page you will find information leading to the newest car club branching out of NC and FL.  Wyked Clearance is a brand new club.  We are not like most automobile clubs with about 400 members or even 400 requirements you must meet to join.  We only have a few requirements, but that only means that they are that much more important.  They will be listed further down the page in the "how to join" section.  If you think of anything that might not be on this page that you want to know, please feel free to e-mail us and we will rush you the information ASAP.  Continue on down the page and enjoy your visit.

Sorry folks, I had to put this picture up in memory of my first car.  If by chance you want to know alittle bit about it, there is a link further down that will give more information.

As of early March, 1999, Wyked Clearance has begun.  With just two founding members, Hal Mitchell in 336 Area, NC, and Brad Johnson in 407 Area, FL.  We are currently excepting members for existing two chapters as well as other chapter founders.  If you live in any other area code other than 336 or 407 and want to start your own chapter please e-mail us and we will get you all the information you will need.  If you live in the 336 or 407 area and want to join, read further down the page.

As of now no events are scheduled for the FL or NC chapter of Wyked Clearance.  If you have any information pertaining to events in either of these areas please let us know.

Our current affiliates include:

Ruff Ryders Truk Club

Would you like to be an affiliate?  E-mail us.

National Lowrider Club Registry

National Lowrider Registry by GSL(Gone So Low CC).

Have a page you want linked to us? Mail us the address!  Want to link us to your page?  Please save the image below and use it as a banner for us.

Now the good stuff.  If you are considering joining a car club then please consider us.  We are a totally friend oriented club.  Which means we are dedicated to helping each other and getting along rather than having all the requirements.  Although we have a few requirements, they are very easy to meet.  We have a couple of different classes and requirements.  The classes  are listed below and following that are our requirements. If you can meet this and want to join, please send a picture of you and your ride via e-mail or postal mail along with what information you want us to know(what's been done to it, what's in the future, etc) and you should hear something from us in 3-7 days. Please include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and the usual info like that as well. Our mailing address is:

Wyked Clearance CC

234 Silver Lake Dr.

Burlington, NC 27215


Euro Compact Car(bmw/honda, etc).

Mini Truck(mazda/isuzu/s-10, etc).

4x4(yota/F150, etc).

SUV(rodeo/tracker/passport, etc).

Bikes(ninja/hurricane, etc).

Under COnstruction(anything which is "in the process").


1- Must be lowered(or raised for the 4x4s)*some exceptions will be made*.

2- Must have at least two modifacations(neons/stereo, etc).

3- Must be able to attend a required meeting each month.

4- Must get along with members.

5- Must stay out of trouble with police.

6- *NO* braggers.  Everyone's equal.

7- Must have a WC Logo Sticker on windshield or rear window.

That's all.. pretty simple, huh?

For more information, e-mail us!

Click on above to see the pictures. This is a new thing we just started up, if you have a ride and your already in a car club or you just don't want to be in one but still want your ride to be noticed on the internet, just mail us a picture and what you want listed beside it and we will post it for you. E-Mail it to or send via US Postal mail at:

Wyked Clearance CC

234 Silver Lake Dr.

Burlington, NC 27215

Founder- Hal Mitchell

E-mail address:

Contact Number: 1-(336)-565-3419 (code 007 after #)

Meeting Place: N/A at this time.

Strip(s): High Point Rd. / Graham-Hopedale Rd.

Membership Fee: $0.00

Number of Members: N/A at this time.

Colors: Blue and Neon Green

Logo: See NC Members Section.

Number of Awards: N/A at this time.

Next Show: N/A at this time.

click on the image below to see NC member rides and info.

Founder- Brad Johnson

E-Mail Address:

Contact Number: N/A at this time.

Meeting Place: N/A at this time.

Strip(s): N/A at this time.

Membership Fee: $0.00

Number of Members: N/A at this time.

Colors: Black and Silver

Logo: N/A at this time.

Number of Awards: N/A at this time.

Next Show: N/A at this time.

click on the image below to see FL member rides and info.

If you would like to send us e-mail, please click here now.

Want to send mail to the creator of this site?  Click here now.

Questions, comments, suggestions can be sent to either.

This page is constantly being updated and re-arranged.  Stay tuned...

this site was created by brain phreez productions, copyrighted, 1999. USA.

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